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I’m Andrea/Drea, personal shopping assistant at your service {at least that’s the goal!}. I’ve been in this business since early 2017. At first it started as a hobby but it’s grown to be so much more than that. These years have been a whirlwind of learning and growing. I love this job so much and all of the amazing people I’ve met along the way.

A little about us: I grew up in a small town in southwest Wisconsin and currently live in Kansas City, Missouri with my husband, Nick, and our two spoiled but ridiculously cute and cuddly pit bulls, Bella and Dallas. Nick was born in northern Maine and moved to Texas at 12 years old with his family. He later joined the Air Force and ended up stationed at Whiteman AFB. He decided to join civilian life again after completing two tours of assigned service overseas and settled in Kansas City, MO. A few years later in 2012 we met in Wisconsin by chance and I fell head over heels. Two months after that all the cards fell into place and I was moving down to Kansas City to see if we could make a go of things. That was almost 10 years ago (married for 8) and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Moving has opened my world to new experiences and a new way of life in the busy city. A few years later I found myself without drive, nothing to be passionate about and alone a lot because Nick’s job had him traveling so much. My day job is in a male dominated industry so it mostly keeps me sheltered from making friends, we don’t have any children and both live so far away from most our friends and all of our family. I knew I needed ‘something’ so I found a company I liked and jumped in head first. A lot has changed since then but my passion for clothes and how they can make such a difference in a woman’s confidence hasn’t. This business keeps me busy and in touch with all of my peeps {new and old} and I get to make women feel good. Does it get any better?

Thank you for checking out my little corner of the internet! I hope to help you find clothing that you love and feel confident in. Join my Facebook group to hear all about the new releases, find some outfit inspiration and real life talk. Please reach out with any questions, I’m here for you 😘

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